I have spent the better part of my adult life doing what I enjoy most, playing and teaching the wonderful game of Golf.  Over the last 8 years I have devoted most of my time creating, designing and perfecting my line of golf training tools.  Unlike similar tools on the market, my tools offer non golfers an easier more affordable way to learn the basic fundamentals right up to the more serious golfer who thrives to hit it longer, stronger and more fit to play like a true professional.  Each training tool has helped me lower all of my students handicaps on average over 22% each year as compared to the national average which soars around 7% (calculated by the USGA) that result is an impressive improvement that I would like to share with the rest of the world to help golfers everywhere.  

Proven fact, less than 5% of all golfers will not take golf lessons from a qualified teaching professional because of two primary concerns.   

  1. COST 
  2. TIME

My line of Golf training tools is named " Tools4Golf" with each one focused on the two primary concerns that are outlined above.  Using my training tools along with the FREE instructional videos on "YouTube" it is not only a more convenient way to learn and train, it is a faster and easier way to accomplish each goal without spending a ton of money.   When used properly each tool is guaranteed to give you optimal results week after week.   Each of the tools have been used by my clients who range in age from 8 to 88 years of age, beginner level to professional level and overall the results have been consistent and amazing.  

Majority of golfers seek to learn from either a family member, close friend or someone who they see at the range giving out free advice.  This mistake is not only very common it is actually detrimental with hopes for improvement.  Just because a person plays a better golf game than you do, this does not mean they are qualified or understand exactly how to teach you.  

That being said, in just a few minutes a day a couple of times per week you too can have the privacy and convenience to practice anytime and anywhere to achieve maximum results much faster.  Practice is essential for improvement and that is why I have designed an affordable line of golf training tools.   Using the tools along with the instructional videos you will improve your game without spending hundreds of dollars.  Like most people today time is very limited and valuable, so don't waste time.  When you use any one of his tools it will help your body move properly and efficiently to produce more power and speed so all you do now is just let that golf ball get in the way of the club.  

Golf is a game that takes a lot of time to perfect, but does not demand perfection in order to actually play the game and have fun doing it.